Globally Endemic

Investment in productive assets, in particular in new generation tractor, capacity 200 horsepower - Victims assistance at Amboasary Sud - Exportation of our last containers of Robusta Organic Coffee



Backed by more than 100 years of experience in AGRICULTURAL (sisal fiber, coffee, cocoa, vanilla, pepper, ...) and MINING sector (Mica and Graphite); Groupe AKESSON Mineragrex s.a product and export large-scale and the best quality of Malagasy product.

Unique products range, high quality and adapted for international market and demanding and diversified customers.

Our customer expect best quality products, always available with best prices and delivery conditions.

Exportation footprint

Market in which we operate are dynamic, large and diversified (B to B market). All of our customers are industrial and professional leaders in their activities.

Our main Customers are situated in:

  • 04 African countries;
  • 04 Asian countries;
  • 08 European countries;
  • 04 USA countries.

Our Forces

Uniques Products ....

With Groupe AKESSON Mineragrex s.a. know-how and experiences in industrial production and large-scale sales, we develop modernity and innovation while safeguarding specified qualities of Madagascar products.

So, our products are unique and well adapted to the evolving customer's needs.

Diversified products range for unlimited application:

We propose to our customers different kinds of qualities and products lines:

  • 08 qualities of Muscovite Mica for industrial and cosmetic uses;
  • more than 07 qualities of Phlogopite Mica for thermal and electrical insulation (motors, generator, cables, household appliance ...);
  • 03 qualities of sisal Fiber;
  • 05 qualities of Coffee Robusta (washed and nature);
  • 04 kind of pepper (black, white and long and Pink Peppercorns;
  • etc. ....