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General information COFFEE:

The coffee beans come from bays of the coffee tree or the shrub.

The principal coffee producer countries are located all around the equator because the affectionate coffee tree requires a specific climate: a temperature ranging between 20 and 25°C and a sunning not too sharp.

There are two varieties of coffee: the Arabica coffee and the Robusta coffee.

We produce and export Robusta coffee. Our plantations and our nursery are located on the eastern part of Madagascar on a surface ready for harvesting of approximately 600ha. We export Robusta coffee beans and propose several qualities according to the international standards. Our coffee is 100% Organic and certified by ECOCert.

Technical information on ROBUSTA COFFEE:

The Robusta coffee tree, Coffea canephora, is a shrub from the family of Rubiaceae, of which we give the name “Robusta” coffee.

Its specificities:

- It is robust and it resists diseases well;

- It grows at heights, which are less than those required by Arabica;

- The output by shrub for the Robusta is higher than that of the Arabica;

- The savour of Robusta: raised, somewhat bitter, very pure, less aromatic than the coffee Arabica

- It grows mainly at low altitude and contains more caffeine (from 1.7% to 4%) than that of the Arabica coffee (0.8% à 1.4 %).

Robusta coffee accounts for approximately 35% of the worldwide production (worldwide production exported in 2012: 7 811 911 Tonnes, Source: TRADE MAP).
The coffee bean Robusta is richer in coffee oil and its emulsion (coffee air-oil) gives an infusion, which allows the formation of very appreciated foam.

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