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MICA is a mineral with exceptional physical and chemical characteristics. The finest MICA mines are to be found in Africa, in India and on the American continent. Mica is characterized by its laminated texture, its metallic lustre (golden, silver plated or bronze plated), its transparence, its homogeneity and its properties of heat insulator and electric.

Exceptional characteristics of MICA:

  • Supports temperatures of more than 1000 degrees Celsius;
  • Fireproof, nonflammable, and does not release smoke;
  • Is permeable with the microwaves with a higher dielectric resistance of 25 kV/mm;
  • Insoluble in water and resists most chemical agents (solvents, acids, bases…);
  • Supports compression well.

There exists 02 types of Mica: Mica Muscovite (rich in potassium and aluminum) and Mica Phlogopite (rich in magnesium, potassium and iron).

We currently exploit 05 Mica mines (Muscovite and Phlogopite) in order to satisfy our clients’ demands in terms of quantity and quality. We export more than 1 500Tonnes of Mica per year.

Technical information for Muscovite Mica

Chemical formula: K Al2 (AL Si3 O10) (OH) 2

It is the most widespread mineral in the world whose name comes from the city of Moscow.
Muscovite mica contains principally potassium and shines seemingly.
Its mechanical properties are better than those of Mica Phlogopite.

Technical information for MICA Phlogopite:

Chemical formula: : K Mg3 (Al Si3 O10) (OH)2

Mica Phlogopite principally contains magnesium, sink seemingly, and can resist to temperatures higher than Mica Muscovite.

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